Smart Home Group

Smart Home Group Inc. is a Group of Companies which work together to fulfill One Target: Techno Lifestyle Product Development and Solution Packaging


"Smart-BUS ®" is a patented Protocol Based on "Advanced RS485" 64 Bits Communication. This 2-Way Smart-BUS Communication Protocol was Designed Mainly for Home Automation Industry and thus many call it today "SmartHome-BUS" or Simply "S-BUS".

life style

The modern lifestyle has a number of advantages which includes easing peoples life


1. Smart Lighting Solutions 2. Smart Entertainment Devices for the Home 3. Smart Home Appliances 4. Smart Home Utilities 5. Smart Blinds Solutions 6. Smart Home Surveillance Cameras 7. Smart Door Locks 8. Smart Garage Door Openers and Gadgets 9. Smart Home Sensors 10. Smart Voice Recognition and Voice Activated Products 11. Smart Home Window Solutions 12. Eco-Friendly Smart Home Products 13. Smart Remote Controls 14. Smart Home Apps


it is an application used to remotely control and manage connected non-computing devices in the home, typically from a smartphone or tablet.


for high-end smart homes, the end goal is often as close to total automation as the technology allows. This demands a user interface that isn’t necessarily limited by size or location.

Central GFX Panel

GFX Mega Control Central Panel is a luxury interface that is s-bus enable. Can use wifi, bluetooth,camera and all needed options that you need in smart home interface device